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Feb 8

Written by: miket
Sunday, February 08, 2009 10:30 PM  RssIcon

I've been gradually taking the Kia Sedona apart.  I've only exposed the timing belt over the overhead cams, so I can't say yet if the timing belt has slipped, but I'll be getting to that soon.  On the bottom side of the car, I've removed some of the exhaust components to expose the catalytic converts.  There is apparently one on each exhaust manifold plus a larger one later down the line.  Also, there are 4 oxygen sensors, two upstream of the catalytic converts and two downstream of the converters.  It's pretty likely that all or some of the oxygen sensors are bad from excess/long term exposure to unburned fuel.  Same with the catalytic converts, but I'll need to do further analysis before I start throwing money at parts.  I did discover that one of the front-most three cylinders appears to have not been firing well as it's spark plug smelled strongly of gas and was not coated in carbon deposits like the other two.

On a side note, there is a boat-load of greese sprayed around inline with the belts.  I have not figured out where it is coming from, but it is pretty concerning.  More to come...

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