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A Hungry Camper

One day I was walking through the woods when suddenly it was dead silent. It was night time and very dark. I was scared. I could not see the stars at all.

I was walking through the woods flashing my flashlight everywhere trying to find my campsite. I was lost. It smelled like there was meat some where. I was hungry, so I followed the smell.

I found my campsite, but nobody was there. But, I found dead bodies. They looked like my family. So now I was very scared. I heard footsteps. I started to walk away. The footsteps got louder. I started to jog, the steps got even louder. I started to run. Suddenly I heard a voice, it was my dad, but with one leg. I asked him what happened. He said that a bear was right behind him and he tripped and fell. Then the big bear hit him. He did not now if he lost to much blood already. Then, he said to me, “Where is the rest of the family?” I said, “At the campsite.” So we sent back to the campsite. He was so made, he was crying, his heart was pumping, and his leg was gushing blood. He lost too much blood and then he died too. I was scared. I jumped into our car. I was very hungry. I started to eat.

The End.

Author: Sarah Taylor (Age: 9)