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Skeleton Zippers

It was a cold, rainy night and I was stuck inside. To pass time away, I decided to go to sleep. I heard a scream. I heard it again. I decided to go down stairs to see what was happening. I was scared. I saw a trail of blood.

I could not understand how anybody could get in our house when we had an ADT security system. I was thinking, Hmmm, maybe he or she knew our code for the ADT security system. I was still confused. I went into my mom and dad’s room. No one was there. So I went to my brother’s room, he was not there either. Anyway, that is what I thought, then he jumped out and scared me. I said, “Where’s mom and dad.” He did not know. So we went outside and looked everywhere. We could not find them anywhere. We were scared.

We went to the neighbors and knocked on their door. Their lights were on anyways. So they answered the door. We asked, “Do you know where my mom is?” They said, “No.” So we went back home and went back to bed.

We heard the ADT security alarm system go off. It was our mom and dad. We were so happy to see them. My brother said there was a zipper on their necks. I saw the zipper too, so we unzipped them. They were skeletons! We started to run. Then we saw two more zippers. We unzipped the zippers again. It was our mom and dad. We were so happy we saw no more zippers the rest of the night. We slept there that night until 12:00 in the morning and everything was normal. And we lived happily ever after.

The End.

Author: Sarah Taylor (Age: 9)